I am a grey hair model from The Hague, The Netherlands.

Check the other pages for my portfolio. Below are some examples of my work. All texts are translated by my beautiful and lovely granddaughter Fenna Bego, 15 years old.

Bottles of beer for Unilever- my first modeling job!

A long time ago I worked as an assistant at Unilever in Rotterdam. One day I got asked to model a carton holder for 6 bottles of beer. These pictures were taken during my first photoshoot in a grocery store: 

More action: writing books

It would be a few years until my next photoshoot. I had a busy life with my husband, two daughters and two dachshundsBut my children grew up and the emptiness in the house asked for more action in my life. 

That action got handed to me unexpectedly, in 1999 I got asked to write travel guides for a publisher in Breda. I travelled through the Netherlands and later also Belgium and Germany looking for the best hiking trails, restaurants and museums in villages and cities in the Netherlands. The first book: ’52 zondagen wandelen & lunchen’ was a huge success. In total 100,000 copies were sold and the book ended up on the 2002 list for the top 100 sold books. What followed were 7 more guides for the same series. At the same time I was writing stories for two magazines; ‘Elsevier Thema’ and ‘de Margriet’. 

Modeling competition 

In 2013 the editors at VROUW sent out a 30+ modeling competition. Two good friends of mine signed me up for it and sent in this picture: 

To my surprise I ended up in second place. It was because of this unexpected success that I decided to sign myself up for a modeling agent 

At the bus stop 

One of the first assignments I got was from the insurance company Vierstroom; and I could find myself in Gouda on one of the advertisements at a bus stop. 

Granny’s Finest 

For the flyer for Granny’s Finest I took pictures with a lot of models with warm hats, gloves and beautiful scarves. 

50 years of Zeeman

One of my favorite photoshoots I’ve done is one for a TV spot for the 50 year old Zeeman, where on Elswout in Overveen I was a bride. The wedding dress from last year was a success; it only cost €30,- and sold out within a week. I saw the banner in Zeeman stores again later. 

 Stairlifts from Handicare

To the amusement of my friends and daughters, I was in an advertisement for a stairlift from Handicare, a device I’ll hopefully never need. As long as I walk 10,000 steps a day I really won’t need it. 

Texan seniors 

On a stormy, wet December day I went to a photographer’s studio in Gorinchem. There they took pictures for a brochure  for a luxury senior apartment in Texas. Sadly, I never saw the brochure again, but it was an amazing morning. Especially that sweet dog from the photographer that stole my heart. The foto’s, in my opinion, were very American. I can in fact actually juggle three balls. 

Driving in a Tesla for Enexis 

On a sunny yet cold day around Vlissingen there were recordings for Enexis’s green energy. That afternoon me and my driver drove countless laps in a Tesla along fields with solar panels. I felt bad for the camera men who had to work outside in the cold while I was nice and warm inside the car. 

Kids party under Ambiance’s awning 

It’s still funny pretending to be a grandma in front of a camera. Here we took pictures and videos for Ambiance. 

From brunette to blonde to grey 

Since I definitively dyed my hair from brown and blonde to grey I, to my surprise, have gotten more and more jobs.

These flowers are from a garden outside of Eindhoven. During the shoot I arranged them into a nice bouquet. After that I worked with a hoe and rake in the garden.